About Us


My name is Gunce; the founder, designer, dispatcher, social media account manager, photographer… and customer representative of Chapters :) I have to admit, my husband Semih also played a big role in establishing the business. Come to think of it, Chapters might not have existed had I not gotten married…


I was working for a large corporation and kept dreaming of owning my own business. I guess most of us have had a similar dream at some point in our lives. At the time I was preparing for my wedding and needed a place to gather all my thoughts, dreams and inspirations but was unable to find an attractive wedding planner on the market in Turkey.  

That was the a-ha! moment for me where I decided to design a wedding planner, the first seeds of a fledgeling business that I would later grow into a brand that strives to simplify peoples lives, bring them happiness and offer chic designs that make them - and their loved ones - feel better. That was the moment when the universe began sending me signals...

 Just as I was trying to figure out the where’s, what’s and how’s of it all, I crossed paths with the owner of a major printing house on a flight to Istanbul. All I had was a business card in my hand and a big smile on my face, but I knew then and there that it was the first steps of my journey creating Chapters. 

Since our home doesn't have a garage attached to it like in the movies, I had to pile up all my boxes and began working from our living room. In a matter of a few months, every single room in the house was full of boxes. (Looking back, the mountains of cardboard boxes turned out to be a great place for the adventures of my two adopted cats Sunny and Nom Nom!

 Today Chapters has grown into a brand which is being sold in several high end boutiques in Turkey, has a store located in Izmir, a great online presence, a wonderful team of people who take care of each and every order with a personal touch, and I'm grateful that I have a job I'm in love with.

 At Chapters, our goal is to design high-end quality products that people of all ages will use with love while simplifying their lives and bringing them a touch of inspiration. 

 What’s the next chapter for Chapters? Taking this first step towards going global with the hope of reaching out to all the fine stationery lovers around the world. 

With Love,

                                                       Meet Sunny & Nom Nom